VDS-Cloud offers to start

Good to enter virtualization in a simple, fast and cost effective way

A quality service at the best price

Even our cheapest virtual dedicated servers, VDS of VDS-Cloud range offer very high performance and safety level compared with the other offers of similar rates.

Immediacy and ease of use make these servers ideal choice for a first dedicated hosting approach.


Performance, safety and reliability

As with all our infrastructure, VDS are installed on a cloud together with different servers to increase the performance and security


Linux Hosting

Linux is generally considered the reference operating system for web hosting. Recognized as a reliable, stable and efficient, Linux has proven itself in the demanding Web server environments


Full backup

We make full backups of your server. These backups are stored in a completely separate server. You may at any time request a restore of your server

Affordable VDS with flexiblity and efficiency

Choose our virtual dédié servers if you want to have guaranteed resources for your application or website while having more flexibility and control

A virtual dedicated server offers the power of a dedicated server with the flexibility of a virtual server, you are freed from physical constraints (failure, evolution). You can choose the price and performance of your new server.


8 / month


14 / month


19 / month


32 / month

Dedicated cores 1 2 2 3
Processor (Frequency) 3,1 GHz+ 3,1 GHz+ 3,1 GHz+ 3,1 GHz+
Memory 1 Gb 2 Gb 4 Gb 8 Gb
Disk Space 50 Gb 50 Gb 100 Gb 200 Gb
Or SSD Space 10 Gb 25 Gb 50 Gb 100 Gb
IP address dedicated 1 1 1 1
Monthly traffic included unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Bandwidth 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
Administrator SSH Access yes yes yes yes
order order order order

The VDS-Cloud range allows you to test virtual hosting manageable and cost. You can then host multiple projects or websites on your personal and professional first server that you control and administer in total autonomy.

Mini Perso Argent Or
Reinstall / Reinitialise yes yes yes yes
Disk Raid 10 Raid 10 Raid 10 Raid 10
Operating system Linux Linux Linux Linux
VDS Extension yes yes yes yes
DNS Zones yes yes yes yes
On-line console integrated yes yes yes yes
Reboot Functions yes yes yes yes

Small project, simple site offers VDS-Cloud allow you to start with the proper configuration and rates particularly low.

The VDS-Professionnel solution

The VDS-Professionnel solution FASTHOSTING (PTY) LTD gives you peace of mind.

The virtual servers are perfect for website owners and developers seeking custom configurations or high resources.

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Why the VDS-Cloud

The range of VDS-Cloud of FASTHOSTING (PTY) LTD is to have its own server, with all the ease and benefits of Linux. No need special knowledge.

Private adaptable and customizable according to your actual requirements Servers, dedicated to your activity to ensure safety, reliability and performance.

Private Servers are the best products to create an environment dedicated to developing applications and websites - without worrying about the cost of obsolescence and software


memory space

Each virtual server has its own memory space, a space of its own hard drive and its own process management, users, scheduled tasks, etc.


Your own server

Want to build your own server and have full control over ? The VDS OpenVZ servers have been designed to meet a wide range of applications, whether web development or game server on Linux


Server for unlimited visitors

The number of visitors to your site is no longer a constraint. With unlimited traffic, you can serve as many visitors as you want. Your site will manage the scalability of visits with no latency or slowdown